Atharv’s father comes to his rescue


After Vividha got injured Atharv home, the society people saw the couple in love and raises many questions on their togetherness. Kailash could not answer them, as he too believes relations should happen between equal status families. Kailash always wanted to know who is Atharv’s father and why did the man leave Atharv. Kailash has also seen Sujata with a stranger, but did not know that man was her husband. Sujata is keeping on hiding about her husband from Atharv, being afraid of his reaction.

Kailash feels hugely humiliated when Vividha answers the people about her love with Atharv. Kailash plays a big drama wherein he provokes Atharv to insult him more and fall in Vividha’s eyes. Atharv and Vividha have an argument over Kailash’s tactics. Kailash could not bear how Atharv insulted him and does a final trick to teach Atharv a lesson. Kailash gets Vividha kidnapped and calls police to get Atharv arrested. Atharv could not prove his truth and the accusations he made on Kailash.


Inspector arrests Atharv and puts him in lockup. On the other hand, Vividha is very far from home and gets her life in danger while trying to escape. Sujata tries hard to help Atharv, but fails. Just then, Atharv’s father comes to his rescue and presents his true identity and relation with Atharv infront of everyone. Atharv gets a big shock knowing of his father. Atharv’s father Ramakant is an Army Colonel, and would get on his duty to save his son’s love. Atharv and Ramakant bravely save Vividha’s life. Will Atharv forgive his father and reconcile? Keep reading.


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