Suhani to expose imposter and reveal truth


Suhani reaches the dark place where Chandrakala Dadi is hidden. Fake Dadi’s goon hides Chandarakala on time. Suhani left from home without informing anyone. Yuvraaj gets worried for Suhani. The goon calls fake Dadi and tells her about Suhani reaching the secret place. Suhani gets doubt that someone was confined in that place, but does not know who. Suhani gets to her spying habit to know the truth. Chandrakala Dadi sees Suhani and gets hopeful that Suhani will find the difference between her and imposter.


Fake Dadi shifts Dadi to some other place. Dadi argues with her evil twin sister and is ashamed to have her relation with her. The sisters’s rivalry related to Birla empire and status will be revealed. Dadi tells her sister that Suhani is very sharp minded and a good spy, she will surely find out about her. Fake Dadi is very much sure of her foolproof plan and finds it impossible.

Nevertheless, Suhani finds out that the truth that Dadi living amongst them in Birla house is an imposter, while the real Dadi has been kidnapped by the imposter one. Suhani tries to find real Dadi. When entire family gets busy in Janmashtami celebrations, Suhani finds clues against imposter Dadi. During Janmashtami celebrations, Suhani exposes the fake Dadi and reveals the entire truth to the family. Will Suhani find out Sambhav’s connection in Fake Dadi’s crimes? Keep reading.


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