BrahmaRakshas’ secrets to start revealing


Rishabh’s mum is in danger. BrahmaRakshas will kill anyone who comes in his way. Rishabh and Raina are trying to save his mum. Raina has kept lotus and want to save his mum. BrahmaRakshas has spread his terror again. This time, he attacks on Mohini. He drags Mohini with him. Mohini screams and shouts for help. Everyone come and witness the incident, but are helpless.

BrahmaRakshas makes Mohini hand in air and throws her down. Rishabh does not understand why BrahmaRakshas attacked on Mohini, when she did not wear bridal dress and sindoor. Rishabh shouts and everyone stop Rishabh from going there. Raina goes ahead to save Mohini. Rishabh and Raina could not save Rakhi. Raina is sure that lotus will control the devil. She does not want to lose Mohini and runs after the devil. Raina wants to stop BrahmaRakshas, but fails again. BrahmaRakshas’ anger and the secret behind taking away Mohini will be seen in track ahead.


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