Mala’s death gets Omkara and Riddhima together


Omkara tells Riddhima about Bela misguiding him about her. Riddhima gets doubtful about Mala and Bela’s intentions to create tension between Omkara and her. Riddhima calls up Mala to meet. Ishana realizes she will be confronted by Riddhima. Ishana decides to kill one of the dual characters she is playing. Ishana kills Mala’s character to distract Riddhima from getting more suspicious about her. Riddhima was observing Mala, and this makes Ishana play her cards.

Ishana gets relieved when Mala’s role ends and thinks to focus on Omkara without any obstruction. Ishana comes up with many ideas to woo Omkara and is sure Omkara will soon fall in love with her. But, Ishana gets angry knowing Omkara patched up with Riddhima, who was very much heartbroken over Mala’s death. Riddhima’s despair makes Omkara love her more. Ishana’s plan backfires. Omkara sorts out all differences with Riddhima. Meanwhile, Oberoi family gets a new threat and get together to deal with the arising problems.


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