Pihu to break up Ishita-Raman’s union


Raman is participating in cooking competition in Pihu’s school. He makes the vegetarian dishes. He feels its very easy for him, but finds it hard. He cuts vegetables improper way and adds much spices. Ishita tells Raman that he has cut vegetables badly. Raman tells her that he did not do any small work in his life. He cuts vegetables in big size and says it does not matter as ultimately its made to be eaten. Ishita guides him to cook.

Raman’s recipe gets wrong but he does not want anyone’s help. Ishita tells him how to make the dish and names the spices. Raman argues with Ishita and is confident that his dish will have good taste. Ishita explains him about the taste, which comes on adding right ingredient step wise. Raman does not agree to listen to her tips and has his own justification for everything. He adds all spices together and wants to cook on his own. Raman tells her that he does not want any info from her side.

Raman makes Punjabi Chole in his own way and adds chicken in it. Ishita asks how can he add chicken in Chole. Raman requests her to go out, else he can’t cook if she keeps on pestering him. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla worry seeing Raman, that he would not be able to win now. Later, Ishita worries for Pihu and Shagun. She packs her bag and tells Raman that she would leave the house. Raman tries to stop her. Ishita tells him that she is doing this for Pihu. Raman hugs her and asks her not to leave. They have an emotional moment. He tells her that they always have to get away for someone or the other. Ishita asks him to trust her and leaves. Will Ishita’s sacrifice win Pihu’s heart? Keep reading.



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