High Five Spoilers

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Simar comes back to Bharadwaj house in search of her daughter. Khushi stops her and says she will not let her enter house. Simar’s son Piyush hold Khushi’s hand, and says we shall search Anjali soon. Once Prem comes, Khushi informs Prem that Simar came home with goons and one of them works in his office. Actually, Anjali left home and everyone is worried.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste:

Aditya and Suman gear up for their wedding. Shravan who is doing all the arrangements of their wedding comes to know about Aditya’s reality. He asks Aditya to behave properly with Suman and tells him what place she holds in his heart. Aditya gets angry and misbehaves with Suman during their marriage at the mandap. Shravan couldn’t see his lady love caught in a bad marriage and fights with Aditya. Will Shravan stops Suman’s marriage with Aditya and marry her. It seems they are going to unite soon.

Jamai Raja:

Satya and Mahi are drunk and not in their senses. They don’t want to see each other face. Mahi pulls Satya’s ears and says it is like elephant ears. Satya laughs and says your nose is like snake, which interferes in other matters. They discuss whose nose is long and whose ears are big. Very soon Satya will marry Mahi. Mahi is falling in love with a stranger who hums a certain music, oblivious to the fact that it is Satya only whom she couldn’t stand. They will marry soon and then Satya will become Payal’s Jamai. He will do the same job as his dad Sid, and will try to soften Payal’s heart for Mahi.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja hugs Rani and spends some romantic time with her. Rani gets moved in love and hugs him. Their love story have taken to next step and is going to complete soon. Raja comes to meet Rani secretly. He helps Rani wears her attire properly. Rani is surprised to see him. Raja couldn’t stay away from Rani before their marriage and that’s why comes to meet her. Rani wants to go far, but her bangles get stuck to his sleeve. Raja has realized that he loves Rani and wants to marry her. He fights for his love. Their marriage arrangements begins. Rani is happy as Raja has confessed his love for her. Both of them are happy. One of their pre-marital rasam begins. Raja Mata doesn’t allow Raja to attend rasam as boys are not allowed. Raja promises Rani that he will come secretly and fulfills his promise.


Raina tells Rishabh that Brahmarakshas will die today. She fills her maang with sindoor and asks Rishabh to help her kill Brahmarakshas. She determines to wear bride’s bangles, dress and sindoor. They want to take revenge for all the innocent brides whom he had killed. Rishabh tells her that they have to find a weapon to kill him and asks her to be patient. He don’t want to risk Raina’s life and thinks of a plan. Rishabh’s family will leave Kamalpura and keeps lotus stick onto their car.



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