Jaggi to don Ahem’s avatar on Kokila’s plea


Jaggi brings unconscious Gopi to Modi Mansion holding her in his arms. Kokila, Urmila and Sona are surprised seeing him. Kokila had requested Jaggi to save Gopi from Mansi and Dr. Krishna. She asks him to bring Gopi from mental asylum. Jaggi accepts Kokila’s request, barges into the asylum and finally saves Gopi after fighting with the staff. Kokila gets emotional and teary eyes, seeing Jaggi saving Gopi. She feels she got Ahem in Jaggi, and thanks him.

Actually Mansi and her mum wanted to hang Gopi and present her death as suicide, but Jaggi saves her and brings her to Modi Mansion. Kokila requests Jaggi to act to become Ahem. Jaggi comes dressed as Ahem, but feels uneasiness wearing such clothes. Sona and Urmila try to convince him. Jaggi says people will know that I am Jaggi once I start speaking. Kokila holds his hand and takes him to temple. Very soon Dr. Krishna and Jaggi will claim to be Gopi’s husband. Kokila regrets to choose Dr. Krishna for Gopi and making her life hell. Kokila wants Jaggi to take authority over Gopi and protect her from Dr. Krishna, who is very much desperate to take revenge from Gopi.


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