Raman and Ishita’s tough task to expose Shagun’s truth


Shagun instigates Pihu against Ishita and asks her to lay a condition to Ishita to leave Raman. When everything became fine between the couple, Pihu’s condition comes as a shocker to Ishita and Raman. Pihu asks Ishita to break relation with Raman and walk out of the house.

Ishita gets heartbroken seeing her own daughter hating her to the core. Pihu threatens Ishita that if she fails to fulfill her condition then she will leave Raman’s house and go to stay with Shagun. Ishita decides to agree to Pihu’s conditions for her happiness, while Raman tries to stop her from separating from him. He gets angry on her and reminds her wrong decision of leaving him before also.

Ishita makes Raman understand that at this point, this step is very much necessary to hold back Pihu with Bhallas, else Shagun will tactfully play around her games and win Pihu. Raman’s bit of anger to control Pihu makes her upset. Shagun talks to Pihu on phone and makes Pihu realize her absence more and more. Ishita and Raman have a tough task to show Shagun’s reality to Pihu.




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