Dev’s craze for Sonakshi to depict more colors of love


Dev meets Sonakshi, when she is on a date with Ritvik. Dev has sorrow in his face. His love is going away from him. Sonakshi has come on her first date with Ritvik. He has done everything to make it a perfect date. Dev reaches there and this anger Sonakshi. She talks bitterly with him. Dev knows his limitations and his love has madness. Dev misbehaved with Ritvik and tells him that Sonakshi has him in his heart. Ritvik’s date got ruined, but he does not feel angry. Ritvik feels sorry for Dev. Sonakshi throws the bouquet and tags Dev for falling so low to create disturbance in her life.

Sonakshi gets upset by Dev’s presence. Ritvik holds her hand and takes her away. Dev and Sonakshi have become strangers now. Ritvik has become the barrier in their love. Sonakshi asks Dev not to follow her. Ritvik has done the date set up, but Dev has surprised Sonakshi. Dev claims he has forgotten Sonakshi, but is always with her. Ritvik tells about two people in the world, one who asks something from wrong person and the other who knows what they want clearly and get it. He explains difference between him and Dev. Ritvik promises Dev and Sonakshi to support their love, if they both decide to get together.


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