Ishita’s way to settle scores with Shagun


Raman and Ishita go for a special date. They have a dance. Raman surprises her with beautiful date arrangements. He showers flowers on her and hugs her. They have a candle light dinner and feed food to each other. Its been seven years for them to unite. They both wanted to talk and spend some time at Ishita’s clinic. Adi calls Raman and tells him that Shagun is getting Pihu there. Raman gets angry knowing Shagun is spoiling their plan. Raman and Ishita hide all the decorations and do not want Pihu to know about them. Ishita makes the clinic like before. Raman asks Ishita to manage everything, and he would leave. Their two dates get cancelled because of Pihu and Shagun.

Shagun landed in Ishita’s clinic to spoil Raman and Ishita’s date. Shagun came there with Pihu to show Raman’s lies and make Pihu away from Raman. Shagun has done new drama to act of having dental pain. Ishita treats Shagun at her clinic. Raman smiles seeing Ishita scaring Shagun with the big injection. Shagun gets shocked seeing the injection and asks Ishita not to give her any injection. Ishita tells her that this is necessary. Ishita gives anesthesia injection to Shagun. Shagun is not able to speak right. Ishita laughs on Shagun. Raman enjoys Shagun’s state. Ishita tells Raman that Shagun’s mouth will be shut for some hours now.


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