More cute moments lined up in Naira-Kartik’s track

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira and Kartik are coming closer while it is raining. Kartik holds a big leaf on Naira’s head to protect her from rain. Their slow romance begins as they have an eye lock. They are lost in jungle….It is the real romantic moment between them. Naira couldn’t see Kartik getting drenched in rain and brings ‘leaves umbrella’ made by her to save him from water. Both of them are in love, but need to confess. They were celebrating Ananya’s birthday at a resort. They were playing treasure hunt game in the resort and steps out of the fence and land in risky jungle. They meet each other in jungle and will surely find way back to resort together, but there is enough romance in between.

Kartik burns his hand by the candle and wants to express his love to Naira. Kartik and Naira get lost in the jungle while playing treasure hunt. Naira recalls the train incident happened in her childhood and gets scared hearing the train sound. She hugs Kartik and requests him to take her somewhere else. Kartik wants to make her smile and tries to ask her the matter. They both light candles together and then he blows off candles by his hands. There is a cute moment between them.


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