Ragini succeeds in her plotting against Chakor


Ragini has trapped Chakor and made her fall in everyone’s eyes. Imli slaps Chakor and calls her a liar. Imli and Vivaan had many sentiments attached with the cradle and get anger on Chakor. Chakor gets speechless when everyone doubt on her and believe Ragini. Chakor tells them about Ragini’s evil intentions to break their unity. Chakor tries to expose Ragini and tells Vivaan that Ragini has his bank statement and made the man demand money from him. She tells them that Ragini has burnt the cradle.

Vivaan pities Chakor and tells her that she has become Suraj’s shadow now. Vivaan was trusting Chakor a bit, and all his trust broke once again. Chakor tells Ragini that you wanted to make us fight and divide us. Ragini tells her that she did this and succeeded too. Chakor shatters and decides to bring out Ragini’s truth.


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