Chakor’s huge sacrifice to get revealed


Ragini leaves for Mumbai, and this news makes Tejaswini glad. Chakor tries to inform Suraj about Ragini and alert him, but Suraj is just thinking about making his relation with Imli fine. Suraj refuses to listen to Chakor. Suraj plans to spend time with Imli and sends everyone for a movie. Suraj and Imli have a talk, and Imli tells him that she is in love with Vivaan. Suraj gets heartbroken and repents for rejecting her before.

Later, Imli gets to know Chakor’s truth that she has saved Imli’s life and kept marriage with Suraj for her sake. Chakor’s truth to save Imli from getting framed in Bhaiya ji;s murder has come out infront of Imli. Suraj has been blackmailing Chakor till now. Imli cries and apologizes to Chakor. She tells Chakor that she is ready to give divorce to Vivaan. Chakor hugs her, but is in dilemma to get her love or Imli’s happiness.



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