Situational nok-jhok and romance in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya and Abhi stop the same auto and argue to get the seat. Abhi’s car breaks down and he hires the auto which Pragya stooped. They both sit in the auto and argue like before. She says I stopped auto first, this is cheating that Abhi sat in auto. Abhi pays five hundred rupees to auto driver and booked him.

Abhi tells her that they are not racing to reach home. The driver says Abhi is rich and gave him money, so he will drop Abhi. Abhi calls her hawa hawai. Pragya asks him why did he give her this name. Abhi says you come in my life again and again like air. The auto ride brings them closer. Abhi and Pragya push each other to occupy more space and fight like kids. Their romance with nok jhok will be seen. Keep reading.


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