Aryan’s reason for breaking marriage with Sanchi…


Sanchi’s dream has broken. She stops Aryan on the way and asks him to give an answer. She apologizes to him and thinks what mistake did she do. She asks him to give reason for refusing to marry her. Aryan apologizes to her. Sanchi cries and wants to know the truth. Aryan asks her not to stand in rain and come with him. She refuses. Aryan’s family is dealing with financial crisis and has gone bankrupt. He does not want Sanchi to face any problem with him after marriage.

Sanchi could not see him annoyed and thinks what could be the reason that Aryan is hiding. She tells him that she will not go till he tells her the reason. Aryan cares for her and his true feelings made him take this decision. Sanchi asks him not to go and trust her once, to share the problem. Aryan tells the truth to Sanchi that he wants to safeguard her. He says his family could not even bear marriage expenses, and not think of alliance right now. Sanchi finds it wrong that he gave her much tension and did not tell her this reason before. Sanchi decides to marry Aryan and stand by him through all odds. Sanchi and Aryan’s marriage will happen soon.


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