Vivaan’s filmi proposal for Gayu ends disastrous


Vivaan proposes Gayu in a filmi romantic way. Gayu gets shocked and does not know what to tell him. Vivaan was mistaken by Gayu’s love confession in the resort party, where she assumed Vivaan to be Kartik. Vivaan expresses his love to Gayu and gives her a rose. He thinks Gayu loves him and was waiting for his proposal. Gayu gets tensed as she did not expect this.

Their romantic moment starts and just then the electric switch box catches fire by the candles kept around. The fire spreads and Vivaan and Gayu rush outside. She asks him to do something and save Naira and Kartik who are stuck inside the place. Vivaan asks her to calm down and gets water. Vivaan and Gayu throw water and manage to get Naira outside. Kartik acts responsible and does not leave. Naira asks Kartik to come out. Kartik rushes to get the gas cylinders outside, as it can cause a big fire blast incident. After Chandu’s incident, Naira and Kartik turned best friends. Naira does not leave Kartik alone and rushes to him. Naira helps Kartik in getting cylinders outside. The people praise Naira and Kartik for acting brave and smart, and saving the place from blowing up. Gayu gets saved from answering Vivaan. She thinks to tell Vivaan about the misunderstanding and her love for Kartik.


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