Tanuja starts spying to know her Rishi’s past


Tanuja has seen Rishi in her dreams and was worried. She gets flashes of her last birth. She realizes she has seen Rishi with a girl in her dream. She questions herself about the new realizations. She goes to Rishi’s room to keep his clothes, and looks for some clue in his room. Tanuja gets Tanu’s pic in the drawer. A servant calls Tanuja saying Ganpati has arrived. Tanuja does not see Tanu’s face by turning over the pic. Rishi is irritated by Tanuja’s presence, but she is sure she has some relation with him.

Tanuja’s sister is trapping Nakul. Rishi tells Tanuja what all she is doing wrong at his house. Tanuja realizes what her sister is doing and confronts her. Tanuja’s sister asks her to get ready to get scolded by their family, for not doing anything to get property and money. Among all the problems going on, Tanuja is trying to find her own self. Will Tanuja be able to recall her past and love promise with Rishi? Keep reading.


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