Aparajita gets sighted by BrahmaRakshas


Raina has attacked Brahmarakshas. The devil will really fall in love with Raina, and then kill Rishabh. He will take Rishabh’s disguise and try to come close to Raina. Rishabh and Raina trapped Brahmarakshas in the net. Rishabh beats him a lot and checks whether the devil died. Brahmarakshas wakes up and throws Rishabh in the air. Raina comes to save Rishabh. Brahmarakshas/Sanjay’ wife Aparajita will be coming back and get some twists along.

Aparajita had killed her husband for the greed of money. BrahmaRakshas gets angry seeing her back. She has cheated him, and he takes revenge from every woman. Aparajita gets a warm welcome at her, and got the news of the devil’s death. She does not know BrahmaRakshas has seen her, and is keeping an eye on at their house. Very soon, Aparajita and Thakur Sanjay/BrahmaRakshas will come face to face again.



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