Ishita manages to end factory worker’s strike


Romi comes to help Raman, when the workers get on strike. Ishita convinces the union leader to end the strike by giving the jewelry and cash. The workers stopped the work by obeying union leaders. She has fixed the camera and bribed the union leader to trap him. The union leader is greedy and gets trapped. He takes all the jewelry and cash, unknown that all the workers are watching him live. He gets shocked seeing the workers. He tells them that Ishita tried to bribe him and lies.

The workers don’t believe the leader and get against. Ishita’s plan to expose union leader and end the strike works. Ishita talks to the workers and her emotional speech makes the workers’ mind back on track. She tells the workers that this company belongs to them as well, and rather than believing the leader blindly, they should have taken a wise decision. The factory workers call off the strike and everything gets fine.



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