Imli and Vivaan’s date planned by Chakor


Imli’s godh bharai is next in the show. Chakor is happily dancing for Imli’s happiness. Vivaan too dances with Chakor and Imli. Everyone celebrate happiness. It’s a complicated relation about baby and his father. Imli accepts Suraj’s gift when Chakor tells her that she has got the cycle for baby. Chakor and Suraj have planned Imli’s dinner date with Vivaan. Chakor has done all the decorations. Imli is excited for her dinner date.

Later, Imli and Vivaan meet at the date. Vivaan gets surprised seeing Imli. The date was planned very beautifully by Chakor and Suraj. Suraj agrees to Chakor to leave his love free and give her happiness. Imli and Vivaan spend some time. Imli has to confess her feelings to Vivaan. Vivaan will take a decision after he knows truth that Imli also loves him. He will choose either of Chakor and Imli.


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