Ashish to marry Neela; Avni’s hopes shatter


Avni wants his father to be part of the school sports day event, wherein she is participating in the race. She does not know the truth that she is the daughter of a Hindu father Ashish and a Muslim mother Asha. Avni and Asha make a small house, and they go through many struggles in their lives. Avni faces a low down when people taunt her for not having a father. They joke that Avni’s father is Mr. India, who is not visible to anyone. Avni wants to prove to everyone that her father is renowned film direction Ashish Mehta.

Avni asks Ashish about her identity and explains the current scenario she is facing in her school and locality. Ashish decides to tell his mother about his secret relationship with Asha. He does not have much courage to speak out the truth, and falls in problem. His mother Dayavanti/Dayaben fixes his relation with Hemant’s daughter Neela. Ashish could not refuse and gives his nod for marriage. Neela drives Ashish to airport, where Asha has also come to meet him. Hemant tells Dayaben that he is suffering from brain tumor. He requests her to keep Ashish and Neela’s marriage soon, before his death.



Dayaben announces to everyone about Ashish and Neela’s wedding. Avni gets sad after losing in the school race. Her opponent Kia wins the race. Ashish slaps a man for misbehaving with Asha and lands in jail. Avni fails to Kia’s challenge and hopes to see Ashish soon. How will Ashish keep his promise to little Avni? Keep reading.


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