Pihu’s custody drama next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


The show gets another court room drama. Shagun files Pihu’s custody case. Shagun has taken Mani on her side before applying for Pihu’s custody. Shagun has used her trump card on time. Shagun is Pihu’s surrogate mother. She had got her name written as Pihu’s mother in Pihu’s birth certificate and uses the document in the court. Raman did not know about Shagun’s name in the document.

Shagun sheds crocodile tears and tells how much she loves Pihu. Ishita tries to defend and loses the custody case, as Mani is also on Shagun’s side. Pihu gives her statement wherein she wishes to stay with Shagun. The judge announces Pihu’s custody gone to Shagun. Pihu runs and hugs Shagun. Ishita sinks in sorrow and leaves from there. Raman and Ruhi pacify Ishita. Shagun has answered Ishita by snatching her daughter Pihu. Mani stands by Shagun. Ishita loses Pihu’s custody to Shagun. Shagun really wanted to get Pihu and is very happy. What will Raman and Ishita do now? Will Pihu be able to figure out Shagun’s true motives? Keep reading.


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