Departing moment for Meera in Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania


Abhishek is going to drop Meera home. Meera is in love with Abhishek. Meera has left Pant family home. She is going back to her family. Abhishek drops her. He says our ways are different now, and we will never meet again. She asks him not to predict future and is sure that they will meet again. Abhishek bids her farewell. Meera takes a pigeon feather which falls on Abhishek. She tells him that she will always keep it with her.

Abhishek sees her family and its departing moment for both of them. They both realize they have to go their own ways. Abhishek has realized his love. Meera is not understanding her love, but he can see her love in her eyes. Meera calls him mad and is very positive of their next meet. Abhishek stops and looks at her in the mirror. Meera asks him to go. Abhishek gets very much upset and leaves. Meera stops a taxi and leaves in hurry to meet Abhishek. She realizes the urgency of the moment. Abhishek takes her memories with him. Will Meera reach him and confess her feelings? Keep reading.


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