Morning walk turns Marathon by BrahmaRakshas’ fear


Raina and Aparajita’s bonding will be seen in the show. Both of them go for morning walk, but face problems on the way. They take the route through the jungle and have a talk. Suddenly, a tree hangs infront of them and blocks their way. Aparajita says its jungle, and everything is strange here, the trees can even kill them. Raina gets in thinking seeing the sharp pointing branches of the tree. Aparajita suggests they should leave from here. They both feel something wrong is happening and rush from there.

Raina and Aparajita are not practicing for marathon race, they are running to get saved from BrahmaRakshas. Raina has got on side of the road, but Aparajita gets worried going the straight way. A big boulder falls over Aparajita. A man pulls Aparajita and saves her. He is Aparajita’s house servant. Raina and Aparajita scold him for appearing suddenly and scaring them. The man turns out to be Brahmarakshas in disguise. He silently follows them. Raina and Aparajita see his devilish eyes and start running again.



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