TR Round Up Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar has made set of rules for Anjali, and has pasted on the wall. The court has passed the rules and now Anjali can’t go anywhere without Simar’s permission. Anjali gets ready to go in her best friend’s birthday party and does not ask Simar. She feels no one can stop her. Its not possible that Anjali goes in party. Simar tells Anjali that she will accompany her in party, and Anjali refuses to take her along. Simar gets Piyush’s call and talks on Anjali’s bed while talking. Anjali scolds Simar for sitting on her bed. Simar apologizes to her. Anjali asks Simar to come with her, but not in Bahenji clothes. She asks Simar to wear trendy clothes and attend party with her. Simar agrees and goes to change.


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Aryan and Sanchi are at the resort and celebrating with family to cut down financial stress. Everyone attempt the new sports and show their talent. Sanchi falls in the swimming pool by getting a jerk while playing. Sanchi does not know swimming and struggles. Aryan jumps in the pool and saves her. Aryan proves to be her true life partner. Aryan and Sanchi are going to marry. Wedding planner comes to Sanchi’s house and shows the demo of the decorations and lightning. There will be many turns and twists seen in wedding track.


Aryan assumes that dead woman wearing Aradhya’s saree to be Aradhya and shouts. Pradhyumna also comes there after knowing the fire incident news and spots Aradhya. He gets relieved seeing Aradhya alive. He rushes her to hospital. Aradhya will be getting fine at home. How Aradhya saves the family from Shravani’s trap and how the family reacts seeing Aradhya fine will have to seen.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania:

Abhishek is going to drop Meera home. Meera is in love with Abhishek. Meera has left Pant family home. She is going back to her family. Abhishek drops her. He says our ways are different now, and we will never meet again. She asks him not to predict future and is sure that they will meet again. Abhishek bids her farewell. Meera takes a pigeon feather which falls on Abhishek. She tells him that she will always keep it with her.


Raina and Aparajita’s bonding will be seen in the show. Both of them go for morning walk, but face problems on the way. They take the route through the jungle and have a talk. Suddenly, a tree hangs infront of them and blocks their way. Aparajita says its jungle, and everything is strange here, the trees can even kill them. Raina gets in thinking seeing the sharp pointing branches of the tree. Aparajita suggests they should leave from here. They both feel something wrong is happening and rush from there.



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