Adi determines to set things right


After losing Pihu’s custody, Ishita confronts Mani for supporting Shagun. Mani tells her that he supported Shagun as he finds Shagun right. Mani is sure that Adi has done acid attack on Aaliya and gets his anger on Bhallas by supporting Shagun. Ishita breaks down by Mani’s sudden behavior change. Raman hugs Ishita and they cry. Shagun takes Pihu with her, while Ruhi tries to stop her. Ishita is crying and is worried for her children.

Raman and Ishita come home. Raman sees Pihu’s photo and cries a lot, recalling her. Ishita sees Raman crying like a kid and consoles him. Raman misses Pihu and shares his pain with Ishita. Adi sees Raman weeping and feels sad. Pihu has gone with Shagun, and everyone miss her a lot. Everyone is very sad. Adi feels guilty that all problems started because of him, and he decides to settle the things and sort out everything. Raman and Ishita go to Pihu’s school to meet Pihu, but teacher does not let them meet Pihu, by following Shagun’s orders. Shagun throws a celebration party and wait for Pihu. Adi calms down Raman and promises him that he will get Pihu back soon. Adi hugs Ishita and consoles her.


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