Chakor and Vivaan’s engagement halts


Imli takes Suraj’s help in giving happiness to Chakor. Suraj removes Chakor’s mangalsutra and wipes her sindoor, as their marriage is meaningless. Vivaan and Chakor are getting engaged. Imli has done sacrifice of her love and husband. She has given Vivaan to Chakor. Vivaan and Chakor will exchange rings. Chakor has given many sacrifices for Imli till now. Imli feels Chakor and Vivaan should be together. Imli gets away and cries. Chakor does not feel happy and spots Imli’s sadness.

Vivaan is in dilemma. He loved Chakor, but realizes his responsibility for Imli. He started falling in love with Imli, and imagines exchanging rings with Imli. He gets confused realizing his love for Imli. He feels puzzled to imagine Imli while getting engaged with Chakor.


Suraj stops Vivaan and tells him that Chakor is still his wife, she can’t get engaged so soon. He holds Chakor’s hand and takes her along. Vivaan gets time to think whether he wants to live life with Chakor or Imli. Suraj asks the guests to leave, both Chakor and Vivaan are married to other partners, and they can’t get engaged. Ranjana worries as she planned to get Vivaan married to Chakor. Ranjana asks Suraj to leave Chakor. Vivaan and Chakor’s engagement does not happen. Suraj tells Vivaan to wait till he gives divorce to Chakor. Vivaan was also wishing that engagement stops. Suraj and Chakor will be pairing up. There will be big emotional drama when Vivaan accepts his feelings for Imli.


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