Shivay secures Anika from ‘theft’ blame in Ishqbaaz


Oberoi family gets the Ganpati and does aarti in grand way. Everyone was leaving with the Ganpati idol for visarjan. Tia takes selfies. Anika sees Tia’s bracelet falling out of Tia’s purse. Anika holds it to put it back in Tia’s purse. Tia asks Anika what are you doing with my purse, why did you take my bracelet, you could have asked me if you wanted, taking it without asking is like a theft.

Anika is blamed of theft by Tia. Tia says this is very expensive, do you know about its price. Everyone get shocked. Anika tells Tia that she was not stealing the bracelet and was putting it back. Tia does not blame Anika intentionally and was really mistaken. Shivay could not bear Tia taking rudely to Anika, and asks Tia to believe Anika. He says when Anika said she was just keeping bracelet inside purse, it would be true. Tia says I did not say she has stolen it, I just reacted.

When Anika could not lift idol alone, Shivay goes to help Anika. Shivay and Anika lift idol together. Rudra jokes on Tia about Anika and Shivay. Tia gets annoyed with Anika. Shivay takes Anika’s side in bracelet matter also. Tia gets much upset. Tia’s behavior will change towards Shivay, which will make him inclined towards Anika.


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