Shocking twist: Adi confesses committing the acid attack crime


Ishita and Adi get arrested. They both are blamed for acid attack on Aaliya. It was shocking for Adi when he has recalled the person who threw acid on Aaliya. Adi confessed the blame and is securing someone. Ishita is supporting Adi and taking the blame on her.

Ishita made this plan with Abhishek to know the real culprit. She tells Abhishek that Adi is saving someone and makes the plan to stay in lockup with Adi, so that Adi speaks her the truth seeing her state. Aaliya tells Ishita that even Mihir is confused about Adi’s confession. Raman is angry for Adi’s crime confession and asks Ishita not to meet Adi. Ishita is determined to know whom is Adi saving. Adi thinks if he tells culprit’s name, the family can break. Abhishek tries to know the truth behind Adi’s confession. Ishita will not lose so soon and will find the entire truth. Adi is actually saving Pihu, but is afraid that everyone will shatter knowing this truth. Will Adi hide this bitter truth for long? Keep reading.


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