Chakor to face unexpected heartbreak in Udaan


Suraj determines to make Imli get her love. He decides to first find out if Vivaan also loves Imli. He goes to meet Vivaan. Vivaan worries about Suraj’s arrival. Suraj tells Vivaan that Imli has met with an accident. Suraj lies to see Vivaan’s reaction. Vivaan confesses his love for Imli infront of Suraj. Suraj gets a big shock. Chakor happily thinks of Vivaan and gets ready to meet him as his lover after a long time.

Vivaan asks Chakor to meet him at the shade, where they meet always. She wears Vivaan’s favorite color dress. She has taken her old look and is excited to meet him. Happiness has returned in her life. She makes a bouquet for Vivaan to please him. Vivaan is tensed to tell Chakor that he loves Imli. Will Vivaan break Chakor’s heart?



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