Gayatri gets arrested; Bitter truth to come to the fore


Oberoi’s enemy Gayatri lands in the mansion. She pops out of the dhol and is not spotted by Anika. Gayatri reaches the locker. Roop has told Gayatri the code of Tej’s locker, that’s Tej’s birthday. Gayatri opens the locker and informs Roop. The security alarm rings in the mansion. Roop advises Gayatri to leave from the mansion at the earliest. Tej and Shivay take measures to catch the intruder this time. Roop wishes Gayatri is not caught. Gayatri tries to steal the CD and succeeds. Security catches her.

Shivay gets Gayatri arrested. He asks the reason of her enmity. He clears Ashok’s death matter, that it was rival’s plan to defame Oberois. Gayatri is about to reveal Tej’s truth. Tej and Shakti try to hide the matter. While Gayatri is taken away, Shivay spots something in her hand. They recover the CD from her. Gayatri shouts about Tej’s crime to kill someone. Tej goes to extent of getting inspector suspended to hide the truth. Dadi fears the family can face big penalty relation-wise. Dadi takes a step and hands over the CD to inspector to find the truth.


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