Pragya’s GrahPravesh in Mehra house in Kumkum Bhagya


There is new twist in the show. Pragya has returned to Mehra house. She has come as Abhi’s secretary. Abhi welcomes her and gives surprise to all the family members. Abhi has forgotten their love, but fate gives them chance to unite. The family was complaining that Abhi is not giving them time and is busy in work.

Abhi has got Pragya to his house so that she can help Abhi in his work. Abhi has held her hand and made her Grahpravesh done. When the fate left supporting Pragya, Abhi has got her back. Dadi and Aaliya are shocked seeing Pragya. They don’t know why Pragya has changed her name to become Abhi’s secretary. Now, Pragya’s change of identity has become a problem for her. Dadi did not know that Pragya is meeting Abhi. They did not expect Pragya to come back. Pragya hugs Tanu and meets everyone well. No one welcomes her happily and show annoyance. Pragya has to win their hearts again.


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