Aparajita’s devious truth surfaces in BrahmaRakshas


Aparajita is getting exposed. Rishabh’s mum scolds Aparajita and says Rishabh called you mother and you did this, now this house has no place for you. Aparajita’s game is over. Mohini has kicked out Aparajita of the house. Aparajita’s plan to hold Raina responsible for Rakhi’s death has failed. Aparajita tells Mohini that if Raina cooperated with her, this would have not happened. Aparajita is exposed and she is blamed for Rakhi’s death. Aparajita says Rishabh was going with me, but he did not go as Raina did not support me, trust me. She blames Raina for Rakhi’s death.

But, Aparajita’s game is not yet over. She is planning things being outside the house. She will take revenge for the humiliation. Aparajita says I will win the game anyhow. Mohini and Rishabh showed trust on Raina, and do not care for Aparajita’s words. Rishabh tells Mohini how Raina has risked her life and tried to save Rakhi’s life. Raina says Aparajita plans a lot, I told them that Aparajita has married Sanjay and made him Brahmarakshas, but they did not trust me. There is preparations of new twists. Keep reading.


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