Ashok deepens Raman and Mani’s rivalry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Mani meet at the dinner party. Ishita was trying to make them friendly. She was thinking the dinner would make them sort the differences. Ashok comes there and passes taunts on them. Ashok congratulates them for becoming Samdhi. Raman and Mani start fighting again because of Ashok. Now their fight has become enemy of Adi and Aaliya’s love. Raman and Mani have a fight over Adi and Aaliya’s relation. Mani asks Raman to control Adi, why is he after Aaliya.

Raman asks Mani not to get Adi in between, he will not bear Adi’s insult. Adi and Aaliya have become the reason of their fight this time. Raman asks Mani to control Aaliya. Mani beats up Adi. Raman protects Adi and does a father’s duty. Aaliya asks Mani to stop it, and shouts I love Adi. Aaliya and Adi hold each other’s hand and express love infront of everyone. Raman takes Adi with him, while Mani separates Aaliya from them. Ishita cries and is determined to unite Adi and Aaliya.


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