Prem to marry Simar yet again in Sasural Simar Ka


Prem has taken sindoor from Mata Rani’s temple and fills sindoor in Simar’s Maang. This means a lot to Simar. Khushi called police and complaint against Prem and Simar. Prem and Simar were doing puja. Police comes to arrest Simar. Mata ji asks Prem to stop Simar. Prem stops inspector and tells him that Simar is his wife. Prem has filled Simar’s hairline and failed Khushi’s plan.

Simar has seen Prem’s real concern and gets tearful eyes. Prem is adamant and did not wish Simar to come back in his life, but his heart melted seeing Simar in problem. Prem gets in dilemma over his feelings. He has taken this step to not lose Anjali. Mata ji is very happy that Prem has accepted Simar. She dances happily and tells every family member. Mata ji announces Prem and Simar’s marriage. Will Prem marry Simar for Anjali’s sake? Keep reading.


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