Shivay promises to marry Tia in better times in Ishqbaaz


Anika says that CD and girl are fake. Shivay asks her to show proof. Anika asks him to come with her. Shivay leaves from the mandap and Tia gets upset. Tia says our marriage ….. Shivay tells Tia that she has to leave. Shivay opens the ghatbandhan and does not listen to Tia and Pinky. Shivay leaves with Anika.

Anika tells Shivay, Omkara and Rudra by the proof, which is in CD. She asks Shivay to get CD copy. She feels bad to stop the marriage. Omkara and Rudra thank her for coming and stopping the marriage. Shivay calls commissioner and arranges a copy. Rudra is sure that Anika came in Shivay’s life for a reason. Shivay apologizes to Tia and tells his priority to prove Tej and Shakti innocent. Tia understands Shivay. Tia is afraid that Shivay will backout from this marriage. Shivay tells her that their marriage will be in better situation and promises her. Tia shows deep understanding and belief on him. Shivay gets thankful to her.


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