Soumya’s hope increases on Harman’s sight in Shakti


The kinners go the Navratri puja. All the kinners are doing havan to please Mata Rani. Guru Maa wants Soumya leaves her wish to go home. Soumya is worried and locked inside the room. Soumya still wants to meet her family. She asks Guru Maa how can she stop her heart from calling her family. She says you can make my mouth shut, but she can’t stop her heart from calling Harman.

Soumya is sure that Harman will come, and challenges Guru Maa that when Harman comes, Guru Maa will not be able to stop Harman. Guru Maa has hidden Soumya in room after Harman and Surbhi reach there to get Soumya. Soumya is sure that Harman will surely come again. Soumya tells Guru Maa that seeing Harman’s love and courage, she is ready to wait for Harman all her life. She has got a new hope that Harman will find her any way. Soumya does the Mata Rani puja and is upset. She prays that Harman takes her to their home soon. Keep reading.


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