Twists around Atharv’s survival; Dangers hover Vividha in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


There are some good moments between Ravish and Vividha. Though he started liking her, he does not want her sympathy. He tells Vividha that his mum Suman wishes him to get Vividha’s love from heart. Vividha tries to keep Suman’s heart and makes the food for the family. Suman gets very touched seeing Vividha’s efforts towards Ravish and everyone.

Ravish is hiding something from the entire family. Vividha is curious to know the matter. Vividha started spying on Ravish. There is some mystery track beginning in the show, as some hood person appears behind Vividha. Vividha imagines Atharv before and now she sees Atharv again. Vividha gets glad seeing Atharv fine, while Uma gets the shocking news that Atharv died. The truth hidden by Ravish will be related to Atharv.

Ravish and his family have some light moments to celebrate. Ravish and Vividha have a dance, while Antakshiri is played at home. The jhumar falls on Vividha, and Ravish saves Vividha in nick of the time. Jhumar falls beside on the ground, and Vividha gets shocked. Who is trying to harm Vividha? Keep reading.



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