Major revelations and twists in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Raja has told the truth to Rani. Raja tells Rani that Rana ji and Gayatri are her parents. The moment has come for which Raja was afraid. Raja tells Gayatri that Rajmata is Rana ji’s mother. Rani does not accept the truth. Raja shows the pictures and proves to Rani. Rajmata comes there and tells Rani that Raja is right. Raja tells Rani that Kaal and Badi Rani Maa killed Rana ji and Gayatri.

Rani asks Rajmata to tell her if this is true. Rajmata gets silent. Its all revealed and Rani knows the truth of her identity. Rajmata tells Raja is right, and recalls everything. Rajmata’s memory comes back on right time. She says Rana ji and Gayatri have got separated by enemies and they died, but Rani is the blessing of their love. Rajmata’s memory has come back and there will be big twist in the story. Rani shatters knowing the truth and argues with Raja. Rani cries. This twist will make Raja and Rani’s relation suffer. Keep reading.



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