Star Plus Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings


Adi gets angry on Raman and Ishita. He tells them that they have spoiled the things. Raman tells Adi that Aaliya will never come back. Adi calls it enough and says he won’t stay in limits now, its all because of Raman, they are suffering, Raman misbehaved with Mani and all this happened. Adi’s love is making him cross the line. Adi will not run away from home as he can’t ashame his family. Simmi and Ananya have an argument. Simmi scolds Ananya for getting phone from Pihu. Simmi worries. Ruhi consoles Simmi.


Akshara and Naitik are playing Dandiya to celebrate Navratri. Akshara gets annoyed witj Naitik, when he teases her and plays Dandiya with someone else. She beats Naitik with the sticks. She gets angry on Naitik and feels jealous. She tells Naitik that he was seeing some other girl. He compliments her beauty and ends her anger by her romantic talk. Kartik is still annoyed with Naira for not trusting him. Naira thinks to get away from Kartik, but he keeps an eye on her. Naira and Kartik’s love story will begin now.


Gopi gets shot and is critical. Jaggi is praying for Gopi’s life. Jaggi asks doctor to save Gopi’s life at any cost. Mansi takes revenge and shoots Jaggi. But Gopi gets shot to save Jaggi.


Shivay and his brothers make the special dish for Priyanka. Anika comes to tell something important to Shivay, but Shivay is lost in some worries. Chabbras come to see Priyanka. The track is mysterious. The guy who comes to see Priyanka is linked to Soumya’s past. Shivay is tensed for Priyanka’s marriage.


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