Oberois refuse to Chabbras by valuing family lineage


Shivay finds about Chabbras family on the internet and does not see Dev in their family pictures. He recalls Shakti and Rudra’s words. He wonders why is Dev not in any family photos. He hears Dadi and Jhanvi talking that Mrs. Chabbra does not remember Dev’s birth day and time. He finds it weird.

Soumya and Rudra talk about the Roka ceremony. Rudra asks her to meet Reyaan and solve the matter. She asks him to leave all this. Rudra tries to help her as a friend. He is going to meet Romi on a date. He tells what love angel taught him, about keeping friends happy. Soumya wants to tell him about love angel, but he does not listen. Shivay finds out about Dev and gets shocked by the info. He goes to stop the Roka. While Anika happily takes aarti plate, Shivay stops the Roka from happening and asks Mr. Chabbra whether Dev is his illegitimate child. The family gets a big shock.

Shivay seeks an answer from Mr. Chabbra. He tells about the importance of family line. He tells Mr. Chabbra should have not hidden this. Mr. Chabbra accepts that Dev is his child out of his wedlock, but tells them that this does not matter in today’s times. Shivay tells him that this matters a lot and disrespects Chabbra family. Shivay and Tej reject Dev’s alliance for Priyanka. Keep reading.


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