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Aparajita has come back in the family. She has hidden her face and becomes part of the puja. She has come to take revenge from Raina and Rishabh. She will be taking the BrahmaRakshas place and trouble the couple.

Naagin Season 2:

Sesha is dancing in her Naagin avatar and doing Tandav. She is pleasing Shiv ji. The hunt for Naagmani is going on. Sesha has become the ageless beauty Ruchika. Rocky realizes his feelings for Shivangi.


Sarla and Omi are taking Devanshi back to Jwalapuri along with their other daughter Sakshi and Sarla’s brother Ashutosh. Devanshi asks Sarla the reason for going Jwalapuri. They all reach Jwalapuri when the entire village is at Ghungroo Wali Mata temple to celebrate Mata Kusum Sundari’s birthday. Devanshi looks for the puppy and tries to hide it from Sarla. Devanshi falls inside the hundi of the temple, unknown to Mata Kusum Sundari.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

After Uma tells Vividha that Atharv has shifted to another city, Vividha spots Atharv in her inlaws house again. She gets confused over the matter. She decides to find out if Atharv is really around or is she hallucinating. She figures out that Ravish is hiding someone.

Siya Ke Ram:

Hanuman does not feel to attack Lav and Kush. He heartily loses out to them. Lav and Kush win over Hanuman and tie him to the tree. Lav and Kush get Sita and show them Ram’s devotee Hanuman. Sita confronts Hanuman for lying to her about his identity and loses faith in him. Sita reveals to Lav and Kush that Shri Ram is their father. Lav and Kush get shocked.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari is dreaming to dance with Anita ji. He sings song and is imagining her. He is sitting outside the house and washing clothes. Angoori has punished him to wash the clothes, but his punishment got better as he can see Anita ji in the neighbour house. His hand burnt by the iron held by Angoori and his dream breaks.


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