Big twists and turns in Gopi and Meera’s lives


Meera keeps Karwachauth fast for Dharam. Dharam doubts on her. Meera calls it enough and breaks ties with Dharam. Meera loves Dharam and takes care of him. There will be big drama in the house. Meera does Dharam’s aarti to break her fast. But, Ritesh comes there. Meera tells Dharam that she does not know who has invited Ritesh. Dharam thinks Meera has called Ritesh to see his face and break the fast. Dharam was doubting on Meera before and today his doubt got certain. Meera argues with Dharam over his doubt. She asks do you think I can call him here today, how can he think this. Meera is hurt by Dharam’s doubt.

On the other hand, Gopi is in hospital. Krishna and Pramila come in the ward to kill Gopi. Jaggi is with Gopi, and stops Gopi. Pramila starts acting and tells Jaggi that they have come to apologize to Gopi. Pramila holds Gopi’s feet. Krishna asks Gopi to take case back from Mansi, and they are ready to do anything. Jaggi tells them that they can take case back, but there is a condition, that Krishna has to give divorce to Gopi. Krishna agrees to give divorce to Gopi, to save Mansi from jail. Jaggi takes care of Gopi and feeds her food. He makes Gopi rest and is protecting her. Keep reading.



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