Gayatri gets murdered; More twists lined up in Ishqbaaz


Sahil tells Anika that its good she left job and makes plans to enjoy. He asks her not to miss Shivay. Anika says she is too happy to leave the job. She talks about Shivay non stop and says she is not missing him. She finds Shivay senseless to doubt on her and cries. She is hurt as she did not see the truth in her eyes. She is angered on the incident and asks Sahil not to take Shivay’s name.

Bua asks Anika to beg for the job, else how will they run home. Anika is adamant that she will not go to Oberois again and look for other jobs. Shivay asks the family not to think about Anika so much, as she is an ordinary employee. He asks them to think of other serious issues. He sees the family upset over Anika’s leaving. Anika is firm on her decision that she will never go back to Oberois, and has nothing of Oberois left with her. Anika has many memories of the family and Shivay. Shivay gets Gayatri’s call and tells Omkara that he will end Gayatri’s matter today. Shivay goes to meet Gayatri at some lonely place. Gayatri is murdered by someone. Will Anika come back in Shivay’s life to help him out? Keep reading.


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