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Naamkarann: After Ashish does not acknowledge Avni as his daughter, Avni gets depressed. Avni rushes to meet Fatima, her grandmum. Asha gets worried as Avni has got missing and informs Ashish. Ashish decides to lodge a missing complaint in police station. Avni meets Fatima and gets to know the truth of Ashish and Asha’s relationship. Avni gets a big shock and decides to confront Dayavanti Mehta to get her rights.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant: New Shaan will be entering the show. Shaan’s character will be played by Rakesh Vashisht. Rakesh’s entry will be happening as a filmi hero, where he plays basketball with the goons and beats them up. It will be interesting to see Rakesh and Riddhima’s chemistry.

Badho Bahu: Komal’s sangeet is happening. Everyone is dancing. Lucky spreads his charm by his dance performance. Komal is getting married to Viren. The sangeet turns into a big celebrations. Even Lucky’s parents dance in the sangeet.

SSK: Mata ji is giving the house keys to Simar. She asks Khushi to give house locker keys to Simar. Khushi is angry and throws aarti plate from Simar’s hands. Khushi had to give away the keys, but she questions Mata ji first. Khushi did not get scared and shows her anger on Simar in front of everyone.

BrahmaRakshas: Rishabh sings the romantic song and dances with Raina in the party. Raina could not stop herself and gives her hand to him. They both look made for each other. The dance performance becomes possible because of Bua Dadi. They dance on Tere Sang Yaara…. The party was thrown for Bua Dadi. Its their reception party. Raina had a bet with Rishabh that he will not sing well.


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