Naagin Season 2: Yamini gets Shivangi shot…


Rocky tells Shivangi that he has got beaten up in the boxing ring because of her. He expresses her love to Shivangi. The love confession will be seen soon. Shivangi and Rocky are in the function. Rocky gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He has all the love of his heart for her. His love is walking along her and she has started making memories for him. Rocky can’t get his eyes off her. Yamini brings the big twist. She gets a gun in the function. Yamini spots Shivanya and Shivangi.

Yamini gets shocked seeing Shivangi doing the aarti in the function. Shivangi will be shot in the function. Shivangi gets shot by the sharp shooter. Shivangi faints and Rocky tells everyone to arrange an ambulance for her. Shivangi thinks Rocky is a spoilt brat, but he is not like that. Yamini was finding Shivanya’s child for the Naagmani. Ruchika tells Yamini that she wants her love this time, else she won’t help Yamini in getting naagmani. Shivangi does not know Shivanya and Ritik’s story. Yamini will plot to kill Shivanya and Shivangi.


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