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Raavan Dahan is happening in Singhania family. Everyone wants to kill their inner Raavan. Naitik and Akshara celebrate Dussehra. The family does Ramleela. Nannu has won over his drug addiction and came back home. He becomes Ram and burns the Raavan. The family have written the notes with the evil things mentioned, so that their badness ends along with the Raavan. Naira wishes her ego gets burnt, as she has hurt Kartik a lot by her ego. Akshara wishes there is always peace around them.

Simar and Prem celebrate Karwachauth. Prem finds Simar’s lost earring and makes her wear it. Simar smiles seeing his love. Prem tells Simar that he found the earring which fell somewhere. Mata ji got fine after Simar came back. Khushi was trying to sell Anjali, and Simar saved Anjali. They want Anjali to change and love Simar.

Raina and Rishabh are playing truth and dare. The shocking suspense will spoil all the fun. What is the matter of three sheep, that Raina is loving, we will tell complete story, we will go to haveli. Raina gets to know Rishabh’s secret. Rishabh praises his ex GF and Raina gets upset. Rishabh makes Raina jealous.

Anika has fallen in big trouble to save Shivay. Shivay and Anika have always had nok jhok. It’s the first time Shivay will be seen coming close to Anika by his own will, without any restrictions on himself. When the goons kidnap Anika, Shivay becomes Anika’s knight in shining armour and saves her from the goons.


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