Aaliya’s Dadi puts forth a condition for IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita takes too much stress thinking about Adi and Aaliya’s relation. After Ishita continues getting worried, her health starts deteriorating. Aaliya comes to to Bhalla house to stay for a few days, as Adi is living at her home to impress Dadi. Aaliya takes Raman’s class, which shocks Raman and entire Bhalla family. Aaliya dines with Raman, and asks him what’s his problem, and mind his manners. It’s Aaliya’s first Rasoi before marriage. Raman was taunting Ishita and arguing on the dining table. The food had less salt, and he scolds Aaliya. Aaliya does not listen to any nonsense, and clears that it was not her mistake.

Ishita tells Raman that it was her mistake. The family gets surprised seeing Raman getting a too bindaas bahu. Meanwhile, Aaliya’s Dadi gets angry knowing about Raman and Ishita’s dissolved marriage. She disapproves Adi and Aaliya’s relation. Upon convincing, Dadi puts a condition and asks Raman and Ishita to get married if they really want to see Adi and Aaliya together.


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