High Five Spoilers

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YHM:Aaliya takes Raman’s class, which shocks Raman and entire Bhalla family. Aaliya dines with Raman, and asks him what’s his problem, and mind his manners. It’s Aaliya’s first Rasoi before marriage. Raman was taunting Ishita and arguing on the dining table. The food had less salt, and he scolds Aaliya. Aaliya does not listen to any nonsense, and clears that it was not her mistake. Ishita tells Raman that it was her mistake. The family gets surprised seeing Raman getting a too bindaas bahu.


Raina keeps Karwachauth and waits for Rishabh. Ghar aaja pardesi….plays…….. Raina has got Rishabh’s name on mehendi and heart. Her mehendi design get spoiled, it means there is big drama in the Karwachauth. Puja starts and Raina’s heart starts sinking. Bua Dadi asks her not to worry, Rishabh will come. Rishabh does not come home and it gets late. Raina’s worry gets increased and she fears something bad happened with Rishabh.


Karwachauth is special as Naitik has come back. There is grand preparations and celebrations. Akshara does not miss the chance to dance. Akshara and all the Singhania and Maheshwari family women. The women are happy to keep fast for their husband’s long life. Naitik has come back after a long time, so the family is making everything like before. Varsha applies mehendi to Akshara and teases her. Everyone is happy. Gayu has kept Karwachauth fast. Rama comes to meet Gayu and gives her new clothes. There will be big twist in the Karwachauth function.


Ashish shatters after Avni refuses to acknowledge him as Papa. Ashish comes home. Dayavanti understands something happened and tries to behave normal. Ashish gets his anger out, and argues with Dayavanti over leading a dual complicated and troubling life. Ashish refuses to live with Dayavanti’s fake ethics and torturing blackmail. Dayavanti asks Ashish to stay in her world, else she would be hating him from the core. Ashish rejects her love and hatred together. Ashish decides to leave from the house and declares the same to his mother. After their heated argument, Ashish leaves from his house.


Sarla does not let Devanshi attend the school. Sarla takes her to the temple. Sarla gets an asthma attack suddenly, and that leads to Devanshi rushing to get lotus flowers to cure Sarla. Devanshi spots the lotus flowers near the Mata idol and takes few lotus from the basket. Mata Kusum Sundari stops Devanshi and confronts her for taking temple flowers. Devanshi innocently gives an answer to her.


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