Randhawa zeroes on Oberois to find Gayatri’s murderer in Ishqbaaz


Anika comes to ask Shivay why did she save Shivay. Priyanka, Soumya and Dadi get glad meeting Anika. Anika tells them that she did not come to rejoin job, but just to talk to Shivay. Everyone apologizes and thank Anika for saving Shivay. Even Pinky wonders why did Anika do a big thing for Shivay. Anika goes to seek answer from Shivay. She hears Shivay admitting the truth. He wonders why she helped him, when she fights with him a lot. Anika enjoys listening Shivay. Shivay tells Omkara and Rudra that its funny but he senses Anika around him often. He senses Anika even now. He asks Omkara why did Anika save him by giving a big sacrifice. Omkara and Rudra see Anika listening to them. Omkara suggests Shivay to meet Anika and ask her directly. Shivay sees her and wonders if she has really come. The brothers give them some space.

Meanwhile, Randhawa had done good research on Oberoi family. He does not get any proof for Shivay’s innocence. After Anika’s statement, he can’t arrest Shivay. But, he feels Gayatri’s murderer is one of the Oberoi family members. The inspector tells him about Roop, who is Oberoi’s enemy. Randhawa finds out Roop was outside the country when Gayatri was murdered. Keep reading.


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